Monday, July 21, 2014

I shoot people too!

I've met a lot of people out there that ask if I shoot people. Yes I definitely do, and I would love the opportunity to shoot your family, baby, grad or pregnancy!

Here are a couple of screen-shot samples from my website at 

Bri and Todd just a few weeks before Lilah was born.
Lilah Rose
The Johnson Family
Class of 2013

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6, 2014

When I got my first SLR camera in 1998 - I took it everywhere with me.  I lived up in Vancouver at the time; and my boyfriend and I would go looking for wildlife to shoot with the 75-300mm zoom lens he gave me.

I was able to photograph the native animals of BC and Alberta on a road trip we went on in 2000.  This was the time in my life when I really fell in love with photography.  I vividly remember shooting Black Bear, Moose, Elk, Coyotes and Bald Eagles on a regular basis during this trip.  The zoom allowed me to get close to these amazing creatures that I respect so much.  I was hooked.

My mom has these photos in storage - I really should have them brought down.

I had to go to La Jolla for work today and when I was done; I was able to hit up the "Backdrop Outlet" that I have been trying to get to for a year or so now.  I was in the clearance room for about 30mins and came out of there with a couple of backdrops as well as a floor drop.  I have been eying a floor drop for a few months now.  I wasn't prepared to spend a lot of money - and was thrilled when I saw the pattern I wanted - ON CLEARANCE!  (yay!)

I am so passionate about photographing pets.  There is such a close bond with my dog and cats; and I have found comfort in looking back at photos when I lose them.  Some of the people that I photograph for have lost the pet that I photographed also.  When I was receiving their testimonials for my website design; it warmed my heart to know that I could provide them with some photos that they will forever have.  I want to capture the healthy and happy moments of a pets' life. 

Cali on my new floor-drop

Tonight - I decided to play with my floor drop!  I also used Cali as my subject - and set up a very impromptu photo shoot.  I also had fun with Photoshop too - as you can tell.  I am not a 'photo-shopper' but this was fun tonight.

As you may know, I volunteer my time and services to help out homeless dogs and cats.  I have worked with a few different rescue groups and shelters over the past 8 years or so -  photographing them in order to help get them adopted!  This is a fun project for me also.  I typically go to an event, facility or even a foster home to photograph as many pets as I can.  When I process the images; I add their names to the images and send the rescue organization the link to their online gallery for downloads.


Well - I am off to bed now.  Tomorrow is a big day.  I have a herniated disc in my spine and will be getting my final epidural injection of a series of 3.  I haven't been able to do much pet photography lately because of this painful issue!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Back in January - I made my 'goals' for the year. 

I decided that this is the year that I would legally become "Christy Howell Photography". 

In February, I was asked by my friend  Lisa at Paaawz Pet Sitting, if I would be interested in having a vendor booth at the Grand Opening of the Mission Viejo Off-leash Dog Park!  I was over the moon - excited!!

I was also scared!

Opening this door could mean starting a client-base; and I had to get on top of everything in order to prepare!  I quickly began educating myself - with the help of friends; on how to make my business legit!

I started with registering my Fictitious Business Name "Christy Howell Photography".  Once that was approved; I called the OC Register and had to create a legal ad to run for 4 weeks.  During that process - I applied to and was approved for a Sellers Permit!  I consulted with our tax people - and I have done everything correct.  I am official now.  I am proud of myself! 

I then learned all about my website server and taught myself how to 'revamp' it.  I updated the menus and reached out to clients that I have had in the past to ask for testimonials.  It really warmed my heart to see how happy people have been with their images!  I am so grateful that I could give them something to memorialize a certain pet - or a certain time in their life!

So now - I have had one vendor event under my belt - and I have been invited to another!  Happy Dance!  I'll let you know more about those, another day.